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Accepted reasons for backdating income support

Back To Top If you have any questions, please email our benefits team at [email protected] or call our team on 01543 308900.Internal Guidelines for the processing and support of claims Part I Entitlement Description of scheme Application forms and information leaflet Legislation Administration Main conditions to qualify Qualifying conditions in detail What is Weekly Family Income? The applicant can claim for a qualified child who normally resides with them.If a child is in college, they are still considered to normally reside with their parent(s).If an applicant has a child living with a former spouse / civil partner or cohabitant, they can claim for FIS in respect of that child provided that the FIS applicant is wholly or mainly maintaining the former spouse / civil partner or cohabitant.

Back To Top We consider each request on its own merits and the more information you can provide, the better.The Weekly Family Income must be less than a limit for their family size There are set income limits for each family size.Family size is determined by the number of qualified children. Part II Claims, investigations and decisions procedures Signing of the Declaration Timing of processing Outstanding Information / Documentation Decision Prescribed time for making an application Debt Part III Post Decision procedures Duration of payment Suspension of payment Re-instatement of payment Swap Changes in circumstances after award Relationship Breakdown Back-dating Review / Appeals FIS, which was introduced in 1984, is a social welfare payment which provides an income support for employees on low earnings with families. Accordingly, claims for FIS are only acceptable from workers who are paying their social insurance to the Irish State. Note: Under EU Regulations, the Competent Authority that deals with a Family Benefit is determined by the EU State in which the worker pays their Social Insurance.

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Find out how to backdate your claim using the links below: We will usually need to see proof of the things you tell us about.

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