Accomodating esl students

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Accomodating esl students

Pick and Choose I keep this in mind for all my lessons.I can’t give the student 20 new vocabulary words to memorize for every lesson.All teachers should take a moment to self-reflect about their own understandings and questions in regard to cultural differences.Take the time to learn about different cultures, gestures, and traditions and celebrate these differences with all of the students in the classroom.Theses frames give the student a structured technique for using the academic language you are looking for.I use 4-Corner Vocabulary and different types of Word Maps for learning new words.

Census Bureau, 2008, there are now over 200 languages spoken in the United States.Encourage students to share their own stories of immigration, passed down from generation to generation.If parents and/or guardians do not speak English, request an interpreter if possible for all school communication, including parties, conferences and special events.You can even scaffold the frames, use simple sentences for the beginner and compound sentences with harder vocabulary for the more advanced student.I’ll write them on sentence strips and put them in a pocket chart, or create a classroom anchor chart for the frames.

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This gives the student a prescribed way to express themselves.