Accra ghana dating

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Accra ghana dating

He claims to be a physician in the army due to retire but is at present in Syria due to return next week.He wants to send gold bars to my address via a courier. We chatted for two weeks and thatswhen he started with his money.His son's school phoned him and informed him that he was not coping without him and he moved his son to Ghana and sent him to school in Accra.He hired someone to look after his son while he was working on the rig in Ghana.After then I begin to have some butterflies in my stomach, I contacted the Australian Embassy in Thailand and the UK Embassy in Thailand, they are not listed there. He is around thailand with his woman Thai-Philippine citizen, a prostitute. I took the opportunity to take the report to the International Police.I called MG to stopped and save the 00 but twas so late, we were delayed and that woman already got our money thru her contacts.

After a week, the woman again called and asked for money of 00 Aud so that it will be paid for the Reserved Bank of Thailand to release the money and wired to me. I even let my friend talk to them too, we both believed that it was true since the Bank draft looks real and stamped on hold or stop order by Bank.United States Law rules the Internet (or did until Obama gave the internet away this year) [...]Happy Scammer Free New Year From our team of employees at Romance Scams Now ... One of the amazing things about the Internet was how it allowed us to connect with amazing people around the world. Our incredible followers, subscribers, [...]New Thoughts About Old Problems On A New Year's Eve!He told me he went to school in the UK, but I came suspicious when he battled to understand what I was saying to him in English and he battled to write back in English.Every evening he will send me the same what's app message that he misses me, can't stop thinking about me and that he loved me.

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