Adam duritz and emmy rossum dating

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She played Jennifer Ramsey, the daughter of Kurt Russell's character.Rossum described the character as being proactive and strong in all situations, rather than a damsel in distress.Rossum joked in interviews that her vocal talent and affinity for music developed because her mother always listened to classical music and operas while she was pregnant with her.

Rossum plays the oldest sister of a large, motherless family, who acts as a guardian/surrogate mother to her five younger siblings.

Although the film was released to mixed reviews, Rossum's performance was praised by critics and fans.

She also starred in the drama You're Not You as Bec, an inexperienced nurse who looks after and befriends Kate (Hilary Swank), who suffers from the degenerative disease ALS.

Rossum appeared in Warren Leight's "Daily Bread", directed by Lucie Tiberghien.

In mid-2011, Rossum starred in DJ Caruso's social film, Inside.

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In her first major studio film, Clint Eastwood's Mystic River, Rossum starred as Katie Markum, the ill-fated daughter of small-business owner Jimmy Markum, played by Sean Penn.