Adam gontier dating

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After all, what better place than Twitter and Instagram to publicize your good music and um… With an average height of about 5 feet and 10 inches, Harmon has got a slim, athletic body. A photo posted by Trent Harmon (@officialtrentharmon) on His passion for music came from an early age, after which he started to acquire and develop different sets of talent and skills to pursue his dream.

And this handsome hunk, on several occasions has been given the tag of homosexual. He also a younger sister, who supports him in his musical career.

What began as a potential friendship soon turned into a fraught rivalry.

And there’s no doubt that now millions of ladies will be lining up for him.

Trent seems to be a really well behaving guy who decent and polite, with a smiling face and confident nature.

Now talking about his personal life, there seems to a complete no go when you try to find out about his relationship and love life.

It seems like he has never had a girlfriend and isn’t dating anybody as of now.

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He has never mentioned anything about his love life, his crush or his rejections during any of his interviews.

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