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8: watermark, with Imperial Crown, used in Australian stamps, 1913-26. non-denominated stamp, valued 15-cents, placed on sale May 22, 1978. 2: (Fr.) Armée Autrichienne" (Austrian Army) 1748 British Army handstamp, for Austrian Army, usually on mail from Germany; carried by Thurn and Taxis to Belgium; see: Thurn and Taxis. AAFPO: Australian Air Force Post Offices AAI: Allied Armies, Italy. Aalborg Privatbaner: local, Denmark railway parcel. Aalesund Bypost: (Nor.) Norway local post, 1880-84. 21, 1888-1892: stamps of French Colonies surcharged A & T, see: Annam and Tonkin. Aangebragt: (Dutch) Netherlands Dutch East Indies labels; 1845-46: postage due inscription. 4: Russia surcharge, Cyrillic for Vladivostok Issue, Far Eastern Republic, 1923. 2: non-rigid LTA craft, the form of which holds the lifting gas, such as a blimp. Arab Union: political linking of Iraq and Jordan; issued stamp in 1958. Arad: 1: county and city in W Romania on the Mures River ca. A Turkish fortress outpost in the 1600s, belonging to Austria after 1685, and ceded by Austria to Romania in 1919 after WWII. 2: cover transported by air and one (or more) other (non-air) primary means in transit to the original destination; such as flight plus surface; postal markings are necessary. Ferrarities: someone who owns a number of fakes; named after Baron Philipp La Renotiere Von Ferrary, a great collector who also owned a number of fakes and forgeries. Ferrol del Caudillo: local post, Spanish civil war, Nationalist, 1937. (Falange Española Tradicionalista): (Sp.) found on civil war tax and charity stamps, Spanish right wing political party in 1933-34. Fiji: 1: hurricane relief inscription, unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, 2001. Bergqvist Lokala Expressposten: Local post established by A.

9: Amic, papermaker initial as a watermark, in the one lira issue of Modena. 12: (Ger.) Auslandsbriefpriifstelle; Foreign Letter Censor Office, WW II, followed by letter indicating city. AB: Andrew Black, BEP employee initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. Airstream: British Post Office term for bulk mailings by air. 3: Acknowledgment of Receipt, Chile, Colombia, Montenegro and Panama. 5: USPS abbreviation for Arkansas ARA: American Revenue Association. Arabie Soudité, Royaume de l': (Fr.) inscription used on stamps of Saudi Arabia,1934-66. Administered by French; issued postage stamps in 1919 by overprinting Hungarian stamps with "Occupation fran'aise". Combination Flight Cover: cover flown by two different means in transit to the original destination. Ferrovia: (It.) train Fervente: (Port.) bright color. 2: empty boat, unissued Great Britain cinderella by David Horry, 2001. Filigrana lazos: (Sp.) horizontal watermark, used in 1855 issue of Spain. Filigrane de fabricant de papier: (Fr.) paper maker's watermark. Filigranul, filigrane (filigranele): (Rom.) watermark, watermarks. Filing crease: creases folded on a postal piece by recipient so that the mail item will fit into a folder. (also Helsingborg) seaport in Malmöhus province in SW Sweden on the Øresund Strait opposite of Helsingør, Denmark, ca. Several local posts established in the 1920s-1940s, to include Budcentralens Expresspost, Häsingborg Lokalposten, and Lokala Expressposte (q.v. Bergqvist, with individual 3 øre scarlet, dark red, and red, and 6 öre blue "Lokala Expressposten Hälsingborg" local stamps depicting the head of Mercury issued during 1937-1939, and additional stamps depicting a stylized Viking ship issued during 1946-1947. Thene Budcentralens Expresspost: Local post established by A. Wester, with lithographed (Sydsvenska Biljettryckeriet Landskrona Co.) 4 öre brown "Lokalposten / Hälsingborg" local stamp issued in 1929, an a modified design 4 öre deep purple issued in 1930.

Abu Dhabi: stamps overprinted United Arab Emirates, 1972. Abusive Issue: if a stamp is not issued in a transparent or open manner and is not sold by the issuing postal administration. A Certo: (Sp.) Ancachs, 1884 Peru manuscript overprint, provisional issue; term is former canceling device used for another purpose. Advice of delivery: international postal term allowing the sender, on payment of a fee, to be notified of the delivery of the item. Adygeia: bogus Russian Federation Republic; local overprint and stamps. F.: 1: French Equatorial Africa (Afrique Equatoriale Francaise). Aerogramy: (Czech.) airmail postal stationery, air letter sheet. Aeroplane Station: circular date stamp for the Third Annual Aviation Meet, Oakland, Ca. Aff O: (Fr.) with Foreign Legion cross, overprint for Tunisia, may be private issue. Afrique Equatoriale Gabon: (Fr.) Gabon Equatorial Africa. Air hole flaw: flaw caused by an air hole in cooling metal stamp plates. Color Guide: printed set of colors used by collectors to match colors used to print stamps. Hamburg American Packet Compay: Hamburg American Packet Company: Hapag, West Indies local postal issues, 1875-81, four reprints1897, 1938, 19. Hamilton Bank Note Co.: a stamp engraving firm known for its connection with the Seebeck issues, 1890-98; see Seebeck. Hand drawn cachet: a cachet applied by hand by any media such as pen, pencil, brush, etc. Hand engraving: printing plates produced entirely by handwork. Handoverprint Study Group: Germany Philatelic Society focuses on one set of stamps issued in 1948 in East Germany. 3: postmarked or canceled by hand, usually by a rubber stamp, may also be a steel device. Håndstempel: (Dan.) handstamp, manual cancellation device. Handstempelüberdruck: (Ger.) (HOP) hand stamped overprint. Handstruck: 1: term for postal marking indicating postage had been prepaid or was due. O.): China, treaty port local, 1893-97; now known as Wuhan. Hansa Spedition Strucken & Co.: local, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1898-1900. Hawker: overprint on stamps of Newfoundland "First Trans-Atlantic Air Post" to carry mail by H. Hawker on his ill-fated flight attempt in April 1919.

Several letters are split up into more than one post as the size was "choking" the server due to the vast amount of data. Agency: 1: a commercial firm that promotes and sells the postal products of the country or countries it represents, 2: a post office maintained in one country's territory by another country. Agricultural: (Sp.) triangular stamps issued by Uruguay for farmers' parcels, 1929"A" Grill: one of several types of grills used in the 19th century, which covers the entire stamp. Aguascalientes: District of Mexico; 1914: issued revolutionary provisional overprint "Gobierno Constitucionalista." Aguascaltes:used as a district overprint in Aguascalientes, 1856. 2: labels used to mark letters or packages for shipment by air; also known as etiquettes. Color Trials: proof impressions in various colors to aid in color selection for the issued stamp. F I: Finland, including the Ã…land Islands, country code as used by UPU. Fieldmail Supplies: United Kingdom strike local post, 1971. 8: stamps of Hamburg used in Bergedorf, 1868, Jan.1: stamps of the North German Confederation, 1870: became part of the German Empire, 1871: stamps of the German Empire.

If you are looking for NUMBERS look for them as they are spelled ie 3 would be under T for three. Agents: individuals, acting on behalf of a post office, collected incoming mail and departure mail, or en route of a boat or train; may have used postal markings and entered items into the mail stream. Agenzia dei piroscafi Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Agramunt: local, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Agricoltura: (It., Sp..) agriculture, theme or topic. Agüera, La: part of Spanish Sahara, Africa; 1920-1923: used Spanish Rio de Oro stamps overprinted "La Agüera," 1924 stamps of Spanish Sahara. Aguilas: local Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Air Mail Postal Card: a postal card intended for air mail usage. Color Variations: frequently found on the Giori press on which up to three colors are printed. FI: fiscals; a philatelic discipline recognized for FIP exhibitions. Ficha: (Sp.) small stock cards for mounting stamps. Field Post Office: a post office established for servicemen on active service.

6: air mail overprint on SCADTA air mail issues of Colombia, indicating a consular overprint sold in Germany, 1920. architect, South Australia official overprint, 1868-74. 18: Australian stamps watermark, with Imperial Crown, 1913-26. 23: underlined watermark of Orange River Colony 2/6d King Edward V11 Revenue stamp. A thru X: Scott Catalogue suffix for Revenue Stamped Paper. Aachen: 1: formerly Aix-la-Chapelle,, also transit marking; see: Aix-la-Chapelle. A&ESC: Aberdeen and Elgin Sorting Carriage, British. Aayman Islands: bogus labels for Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.; British colonial royal wedding frames from book, Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers. B.: 1: Archibald Brown manuscript surcharge, 1891-95 on British East Africa Protectorate issues. Airport International de Kabul: inscription on airmail stamp of Afghanistan. Air Post: in Russian, used as an overprint for Imperial Russian consular tax stamps in 1922 applied to mail sentfrom Russia to Germany; see: Deruluft. Combi Mail: combination of an airplane and a submarine; mail brought to New York from Chicago, via Erie, Hammondsport and forwarded to Germany on a U-boat. Combination Block: a block of four or more stamps with different perforations on some of the stamps. 12: united with Rio Muni to form Republic of Equatorial Guinea, 1972: renamed Bioko. Feudatory States: states in India established their own postal systems which carried mail within the state; see individual states for additional information; Alwar, Bamra, Barwani, Bhopal, Bhor Bijawar, Bundi, Bussahir, Charkhari, Cochin, Dhar, Duttia (Datia), Faridkot, Hyderabad, Idar, Indore (Holkar), Jaipur, Jammu and Kashmir, Jasden, Jhalawar, Jind, Kishangarh, Las bela, Morvi, Morvi, Nandgaon, Nawanagar, Orchha, Poonch, Rajasthan, Rajpipla, Sirmoor, Sorouth, Travancore, Travancore-Cochin, Wadhwan. 1: No.1, 1 penny pink, first stamps were locally typeset, by Fiji Times newspaper, paper ran a letter and parcel service, 1871: stamps with cipher of native king, CR (Cakobau Rex), Fiji started own mail service, 1872, May 8: Fiji Times closed its mail service, 1874: overprinted V.

7: Scott Catalogue prefixes for forerunners, such as India, used abroad. 19: Ante Meridiem, morning, coded time handstamps of 1890s. 21: time of departure for Zeppelin flights.a: (Fr.) of, to, by, atÃ…: one-letter post office name, Norway. AA: 1: USPS abbreviation for Armed Forces Americas, except Canada, see: AE. 2: Aachener Stadbriefbeförderung Merkur, German local, 1894-97. AADC: automated area distribution center, USPS term. L.: Adria Aero Lloyd, Italy Aalborg Bypost: (Dan.) Denmark local post, 1884-89. A and T, A&T: Annam and Tonkin overprint, French Protectorate in Indo-China; Jan. AAPE: American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, USA. Aarhus Bypost: (Dan.) Denmark local post, 1884-1900. 2; (Fr.) "assez beau"; fair to good condition, or appearance. 4: (Fr.) "Armeé Britannique" 1748 British Army handstamp, for Austrian army, usually on mail from Germany; carried by Thurn and Taxis to Belgium; see: Thurn and Taxis. Airship mail: 1: lighter-than-air (LTA) craft characterized by a rigid, covered framework, interior of which holds containment cells for the lifting gas, such as a Zeppelin. Combination Cover: 1: an envelope or card with stamps from two or more different countries. Fermented Fruit Juice: tax paid revenue stamp denominated in barrels and fractions of barrels, 1933. Fernigow: currency unit in North Poland, 1919-1923Fern-Ost-Republik: (Ger.) Far Eastern Republic. von, Count: (1850-1917) considered one the world's greatest collectors, who by the 1880s, was considered to have the world's greatest stamp collection known, died of a heart attack while trying to buy a Swiss stamp; his collection was confiscated by France and sold to pay the German War Reparations Account. Ferrocarriles Andaluces: (Sp.) Andalusian Railways, inscription on railway's own stamps. R., "Victoria Regina" to mark change by King Cakobau to Crown Colony, 1916: first War Tax stamp issued, 1917: first postage due stamp issued, 1951, Sep. 10: first stamps issued as independent territory, 1971, June 18: joined the UPU.

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Acapulco: overprint used on stamps of Mexico for this district during 1856-1883. P.: Azerbaijan, Cyrillic for Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic. Admiralty Islands: see: New Guinea, Mandated Territory. Advertisements on stamps: Great Britain ads; 1881: first ad for "Pear's Soap" imprinted on the back over the gum, several nations currently issue stamps depicting a commercial product. Aerogramme, reverse die cutting: printed sheet of an aerogram placed in an inverted position when sheets are being cut. Afars and Issas: Eastern Africa, formerly French colony of Somali Coast; now Djibouti Republic; stamps of this country can be found in these catalogs: Albany Stamp Company, Michel, Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert & Tellier;currency:100 centimes = 1 Djiboutian franc (1967); 1896: organized as a colony, names of two tribes that inhabited the area, 1944: peace accord ended Afars rebellion, 1946: became territory within the French Union, 1958: member in the French Community, 1967-pre: French Somali Coast, stamps of Obock and Djibouti, 1967-77, Aug. 15: postage due stamps issued, 1977, June 27: renamed the Republic of Djibouti, see Benadir, Djibouti, Obock, Oltre Giuba, Italian East Africa, Italian Somaliland, Somalia, Somalia Coast, Somalia Coast-French, and Somalia Coast Protectorate. A Felkelo Makyarok Altal Megszallot Nyugat Magyarzag 1921 Aug.-Sept.: (Hung.) overprint on stamps of Hungary produced by armed forces ousting Austrian troops occupying portion of Western Hungary per terms of the Versailles Treay: "Western Hungary Occupied by Insurgent Hungarians 1921 Aug.-Sept." Aff. Africa Occidental Espanola: (Sp.) Spanish West Africa inscription. Aiguafreda: local, Spanish civil war, Republican, Republican, 1937 Aihefilatelisti: Finnish language philatelic periodical from Finland. Colonial Printing: stamps printed in a British colony from impressions originally made in London from the original plates. Colored Line Roulette: perforations indicated by colored dashes printed over the top of the slits, used on stamps of Thurn and Taxis. Handback service: a canceled cover or other item returned directly to the postal customer instead of being processed through the mail. Hartford Steamboat Express: private baggage firm serviced New York City; used a label; year unknown. Hartman Parcel Delivery Co.: parcel delivery firm serviced Cincinnati, Ohio, area; used stamps; year unknown. Hatch's Express: parcel delivery firm serviced Boston, Brant Rock and Marshfield, Mass.; used a label, 1886. S.: steamship marking of the Danube Steam Navigation Company built around 1880s, for middle Danube lines. Hauptfeldpostamt: (Ger.) Austrian Head Field Post Office. O., could be used alone or in conjunction with the stamps of Hawaii, 1870: U. and Hawaii signed a postal treaty with basic rate, 1893: Hawaiian stamps picturing royalty overprinted "Provisional Govt. 30: became a territory, 1900, June 13: stamps no longer valid, 1900, June 14: admitted as a territory, began to use general stamps of USA, 1928: overprint on US stamps "Hawaii 1778-1928" marking the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the islands by Capt. 21: became state, transferred to the United States; see Hawaiian Missionaries. Hawaiian Is.: inscription used on stamps of Hawaii, 1853-68. Hawaiian Postage: inscription on Missionary stamps of Hawaii, 1851-52. B.: (Ger.) "Herzogtum Braunschweig," Germany, pre-adhesive postmark. Heads of wheat: name given to pictorial overprints on 1919 stamps of Hungary. Health stamp: stamps issued with a charity premium to raise funds for children health camps. Heath, Charles: engraver commissioned in 1840 to engrave the original die for Great Britain's Penny Black. Heat sensitive stamps: use of a thermochromic ink permits color to change when it is touched; first stamp using this process was the 27-pence British issue of March 13, 2001. Heijtz: specialized catalogue for Falkland Islands, dependencies and British Antarctic Territory. Heimatphilatelie: (Ger.) hometown philately; collecting philatelic materials only from your hometown and its environs. Heligoland 8th June 1946: inscription; same scene for Aden, Gozo, Hong Kong, Malayan Union, Northern Ireland, Sarawak, Scotland, Singapore, Zanzibar; unissued Great Britain cinderellas by David Horry, 2001. Helsagbrevkort: (Dan.) postal card postal stationery. Helvetia: (Ger.) Switzerland; Latin name used since nation has four official languages. Helyi lev.-lap, Hlp: (Hun.) local postcard overprint on hyper inflated issues of Hungary in 1946 for use of postage prepayment. Herefordshire, etc.: United Kingdom postal strike, local post, 1971. Herm Island: island off the coast of Guernsey with local labels using its name; 1938: closed as a Guernsey sub-office,1945: owner issued series of carriage labels for payment on letters carried from the island to Guernsey, 1949: pigeon post operated, 1949: Guernsey became postally independent, and sub-post office opened on island.