Allison glenn scagliotti dating

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Allison glenn scagliotti dating

She is currently focused in her career and is looking forward to work in more promising roles in the industry.

Report This Page Allison Glenn Scagliotti was born on 21 September 1990, Monterey, California, USA.

Long before we started shipping Delena, Destiel, West Allen and the like -- heck, long before there even was such a thing as ship names -- we had Josh and Mindy from Nickelodeon's "Drake And Josh." Josh Nichols and Mindy Crenshaw were our everything.

She appeared as Jayne, the female Wonder Twin, in the 8th episode of the ninth season of Small Ville.

I think Mindy can "I do think she's never gotten over Josh," she added.

"She's still madly in love with him wherever he is." Speaking of Mr.

In December 2012, Scagliotti appeared in Darren Caulley's play Unhealthy.

She played the lead role of Michelle, a struggling actress.

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