Andrew and andrea real world dc still dating

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Andrew and andrea real world dc still dating

It makes me wonder how would the show be received if instead of weekly drama- the cast would fit a pre-determined theme: one episode they are really artsy, in another they are social activists, in another they could be all fratty and party all over DC. The last Real World DC recap I’m ever going to write (at least til’ Real World 30: Return to DC.) So let’s skip the pleasantries and just get it on- I’m sure you guys are sick enough of them, the show, or my recaps. After an entire episode that featured the cast doing nothing but good for the community- why not dedicate an episode where the cast does nothing but express their artistic side?As the two part ways Mike reflects that he may have a future in politics.I think he does have a bright future- on THE RUINS 2!The summer is almost over however and the two face the same decision every summer camp hook-up has faced: what to do when everybody goes back home?Andrew at first has cold feet about the idea of Andrea moving to Colorado with him but he eventually comes to his senses that this is one banging chick and the two make plans to live together after the show. After arriving for his HRC job interview in shorts and a t-shirt, Mike finally puts on a nice suit like all the other Hill staffers in the city and heads to Capital Hill to pay Congressman Jim Moran a visit.

) — but that might not be the biggest issue this new couple is up against.

'Drew spent the episode canoodling with Andrea, and the fact that she was once a hopeful never came up! Scroll down and watch her casting tape, in which she talks about wanting a boob job and being willing to play both sides of the fence!

Then, tell us what you think in the poll: Does Andrea have ulterior motives, or could she really be falling for Andrew?

Another good thing his idea is flirting is to fight with them- and ends up with a cut on his face along with a hangover the next day. So Mike attends the dinner with his father, Mike Sr.

(I didn’t know there was a Mike Sr.), and they are amongst hundreds of others (including Lady Gaga, the cast of Glee, and my pal Suburban Sweetheart.) Of course MTV does their best to make Mike appear to be more connected to the event by constantly cutting Mike’s reactions against every moment of Obama’s keynote speech.

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