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I know that if we are able to get our voices heard, that we will succeed in every goal that we set forth.[Monique]: Honestly for the company name I really wanted it to be named after some kind of food.

I personally have worked 30 hours some weeks, with a full time job, just so I can get a task completed to show for our Kickstarter.

I used to use Hero Engine and was around when The Repopulation (another major MMORPG made using Hero Engine with a successful Kickstarter) was just starting out.

I happened to see Monique’s post in their forums that she was looking for a programmer.

As the title of this post suggests, it’s a farming/dating sim MMORPG for PC.

On Kickstarter it is being promoted as “An MMORPG for players who love games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing! As a sim game that includes dating, you can form lasting friendships and relationships with any NPC through interactive rewards and questlines!

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The faith in other Indie projects suffers as a result and Indie projects desperately need the support of the public.

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