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Keep in mind that when you change to another brand of stainless steel cleaner, it often takes more than one cleaning session to remove the other type of polish left behind from the previous brand of cleaner.So expect the task to lighten once you've removed all the previous cleaner's build-up of formula or protective finish.In fact, we sell fewer brands than all of our competitors because we actually fix the issues after the fact.Warranty service calls (repairs within the first year) have dropped from 18% in 2014 to 12.55% to 11.66%.1,457 Sold | 149 Serviced - 10.2% Their dishwasher and laundry require almost no service, but they now sell a full suite of appliances. 5,657 Sold | 469 Serviced - 8.3% Although the mix is more weighted to dishwashers, cooking and less featured refrigerators, Frigidaire is still one of the most reliable brands over every product group.

I know many consumers hesitate buying stainless appliances simply because of the care required, but with a good cleaner, it doesn't take too long to restore the shine.

Most stainless steel cleaners will leave a polish with the shine to help it stay clean longer, but don't expect too much - they do help some, but grime and fingerprints have a tendency to break through this protective shield.

And how long it maintains that polish will vary with different households.

You can generally clean stainless kitchen appliances such as ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, vent hoods, sinks or small counter appliances that have a stainless construction, with a stainless steel cleaner.

But keep in mind that appliances should be cool to touch before you clean them and use only as recommended by the manufacturer.

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Lastly, we do not scrub the data, so there is no distinction between a major or minor call. I always thought a disposer would have issues given the task. We sold approximately 1,264 disposers with one repair (which was actually my house). That said, let us look at the most reliable appliance brands for 2016.

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