Are bonnie wright and daniel radcliffe dating advice for teenage dating

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Are bonnie wright and daniel radcliffe dating

He's setting up a group of people to fight against Umbridge, who is oppressing them — she's trying to stop them from learning any real magic — and that provides more of the uplifting moments. I mean, we say that every time, but this one is much darker, and I think Dumbledore's Army really lifts the film in tone, where you see Harry go from this quite reluctant leader to this Henry V character who is stirring up the troops. MTV: And his battle is a more internal one as well.

Daniel Radcliffe: At first, everything was so amazing and cool: "I'm a wizard, I can do magic." But gradually, he learns there are shades of gray.

As the world's most famous boy wizard becomes a man — and a more accomplished actor, too, branching out from the "Potter" films to Muggle roles onstage in "Equus" and in the forthcoming movie "December Boys" — he's shepherding his signature character into manhood as well.

Here, Daniel talks about how Harry has evolved in the new film, "Order of the Phoenix" — from bashful wizard to first kiss — and what the tea leaves say is next.

I'm less inhibited now, so I can look at it with more excitement than trepidation. MTV: Didn't you say before you wanted to beat him up already?

MTV: Do you have theories about what will happen in "Deathly Hallows"? Rowling would have gone down that route, possibly not — possibly he is pure evil — which we'll find out in less than a month, actually. Rowling would read all the scripts, and if she said that you have to have something in, that it's vital, well, she would tell us. Radcliffe: No, I said I would break his legs, that's totally different.

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MTV: It's strange in a way that people fixate so much on this one kiss, when you're about to have massive make-out sessions with Ginny Weasley in "Half-Blood Prince." Radcliffe: I know! But I don't look at the books as to-do lists, nothing that boring.