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First appearance of Primu, the winged and horned lady; and the Prince of the Underground. When Ataru finds out; he, Jariten, and primu arm themselves to save Lum.

But they arrive just in time to see Lum betrothed to a unicorn boy who is really in love with another girl.

This is also the point when Mamoru Oshii became the series director.

Ataru tries to use these to his advantage and ends up dragging Ten, Cherry, his parents, Lum, Shinobu, and Sakura into a mess.

Shinobu is Moroboshi Ataru's childhood friend and classmate at Tomobiki High School, Class 2-4.

This aspect of Shinobu has even been relied upon by the others during some serious situations.

Ataru, Ten, Primu, the Prince, and the other girl all kidnap Lum and Uni and finally get all the couples straightened out.

Lum-Ataru, Uni-girl, and Primu-Prince (against his wishes).

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Lum goes back in time through a tea cup in order to train Ataru to be a faithful boy by planting a doll of her on his head that zaps him any time he touches another girl and gets ideas. Ataru and Ten buy a flower in an attempt to appeal to the flower shop girl.

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