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Backdating job seekers

People in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance can be called for interview by the Department of Social Protection to determine if they are meeting the GSW requirements in accordance with the Department’s guidelines.If the Department forms the opinion that you are not Genuinely Seeking Work your claim can be refused and payment can be stopped.This could be if: You should give us as much information and supporting evidence as possible.We will look at all the circumstances during the time you delayed making a claim and will decide if the delay was reasonable enough to allow backdating. We can automatically backdate your Housing Benefit for up to three months if you are of pension age.Contact the INOU on (01) 856 0088 for information and assistance. If the Department overpays you in error or because of a change in your circumstances, you will be asked to repay the monies you received.Where an over-payment has been established, the Department can deduct up to 15% from your social welfare payment without your consent.Job seekers allowance is a part of the United Kingdom's welfare system.

Offers of training or participation in programmes, including work experience, must be suitable and appropriate to your personal circumstances.

You will be notified of the Department’s intention to make this type of deduction from your payment.

You will be given the opportunity to put forward any circumstances you feel are relevant to the amount of money the Department are seeking to recover/deduct from your payment each week.

However, you must provide a reason that is acceptable to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) standards.

Persons in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance are required to satisfy the ‘Genuinely Seeking Work’ (GSW) conditions in order to continue to qualify for the payment.

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If the error occurred because of the actions/inactions of the Department and you could not have reasonably been expected to be aware of the error you may not be liable to repay any over-payment.

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