Blackberry curve not updating emails foxfmdating com

Posted by / 30-Nov-2014 07:07

Blackberry curve not updating emails

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On the HH, in Messages/Options/Filters, is the setting for If no filters apply, send email to handheld set to Yes?

Are there any enabled filters that could be set incorrectly?

Are the problem units all new, and what software version are they running? (Amazing how often the answer is "ooops") On the HH, in Mesages/Options/Email Reconciliation, is Wireless Reconcile visible, and set to On?

On the HH, in Messages/Options/Email Settings, is Send Email to Handheld set to Yes?

If none of your PIN's are showing up for anyone, then you have a bigger problem - check the SRP is enabled.

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The Blackberry is usually synced daily using the defaults in desktop manager.Once it's in Outlook, AFAIK, nothing will delete it.Unless you are using MAPI to handle the Outlook syncing.BES is running, Desktop Manager is 4.1 The radio is on Wireless Reconcile - i believe it was visiable and set to ON, but I can't remember Messages/Options/Email Setting/sent email to handheld is set to yes There are no fileters We only have one IT Policy and it is applied to the BB Wireless Email Reconcilation on BES is set to True and Redire to Handheld is set to true dev - we did do a security wipe What I'm also noticing is the PIN numbers aren't showing up on BES.I'm wondering if there is a bigger issue herergershblk - i have checked everything on ur list.

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