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These expositions, or world fairs, were famous for their exhibitions of the latest and greatest inventions from all over the world.The exhibit inspired American manufacturer Albert A.It was commonly called the boneshaker, because riding a wooden bike over cobblestone roads was extremely uncomfortable!The velocipede was mass-produced by the Parisian firm of Michaux and Company, run by father and son duo Pierre and Ernest Michaux.

The French magazine La Vie Parisienne predicted that women would alter their clothing style – even if it meant wearing shorter skirts – to allow them to ride bicycles.

The addition of a pedal crank meant that riders could achieve greater speeds.

The device was known as the Velocipede and made entirely of wood.

Like the Draisienne, the velocipede was a popular fad for the wealthy.

Velodromes, with indoor cycling tracks, appeared in larger cities where riders gathered.

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The bicycle, and its evolution, is an important part of history.