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Carbon dating objects

The only special case for default values (mimicking the underlying PHP library) occurs when an hour value is specified but no minutes or seconds, they will get defaulted to 0.$xmas This Year = Carbon::create From Date(null, 12, 25); // Year defaults to current year $Y2K = Carbon::create(2000, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0); $also Y2K = Carbon::create(1999, 12, 31, 24); $noon London Tz = Carbon::create From Time(12, 0, 0, 'Europe/London'); // A two digit minute could not be found try catch(Invalid Argument Exception $x) The final two create functions are for working with unix timestamps.

The provided instance will be returned specifically under the following conditions: $known Date = Carbon::create(2001, 5, 21, 12); // create testing date Carbon::set Test Now($known Date); // set the mock (of course this could be a real mock object) echo Carbon::now(); // 2001-05-21 echo new Carbon(); // 2001-05-21 echo Carbon::parse(); // 2001-05-21 echo new Carbon('now'); // 2001-05-21 echo Carbon::parse('now'); // 2001-05-21 var_dump(Carbon::has Test Now()); // bool(true) Carbon::set Test Now(); // clear the mock var_dump(Carbon::has Test Now()); // bool(false) echo Carbon::now(); // 2016-06-24 $known Date = Carbon::create(2001, 5, 21, 12); // create testing date Carbon::set Test Now($known Date); // set the mock echo new Carbon('tomorrow'); // 2001-05-22 ... echo new Carbon('yesterday'); // 2001-05-20 echo new Carbon('next wednesday'); // 2001-05-23 echo new Carbon('last friday'); // 2001-05-18 echo new Carbon('this thursday'); // 2001-05-24 Carbon::set Test Now(); // always clear it ! Its good to take note here that none of the setters, with the obvious exception of explicitly setting the timezone, will change the timezone of the instance.

Generally default values are the current date, time or timezone.

Higher values will wrap appropriately but invalid values will throw an defaults to the current timezone and otherwise can be a Date Time Zone instance or simply a string timezone value.

This is a common function seen in most date libraries so I thought I would add it here as well. The lone argument for the function is the other Carbon instance to diff against, and of course it defaults to before the diff For Humans() call. These group of methods perform helpful modifications to the current instance.

Most of them are self explanatory from their names... You'll also notice that the start Of XXX(), next() and previous() methods set the time to and the end Of XXX() methods set the time to .

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