Cfagent not updating

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This, in effect, creates a profile for each machine that cfengine uses to determine what work to perform on each host. This file can contain all the configuration information and cfengine code for the host, a subset of hosts or all hosts in the cfengine network.

It primarily just identifies the cfengine server and gets a copy of the A common method for running the cfagent is to execute it from cron using the cfexecd in non-dæmon mode.The primary reason for using both is to engage cfengine's logging system.For an initial example, if you have a set of Linux machines that need to have a different /etc/nsswitch.conf, and then have some processes restarted, there's no need to connect to each machine and perform these steps or even to write a script and run it on the machines once they are identified.You simply can tell cfengine that all the Linux machines running Fedora/Debian/Cent OS with XGB of RAM or more need to use a particular /etc/until a newer one is designated. Cfengine's configuration management capabilities can work in several different ways.

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It gathers information about the host machine, such as hostname, OS and IP address.

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