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The illness or death of teachers is especially devastating in rural areas where schools depend heavily on one or two teachers. AIDS damages businesses by squeezing productivity, adding costs, diverting productive resources, and depleting skills. Also, as the impact of the epidemic on households grows more severe, market demand for products and services can fall. In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS is erasing decades of progress in extending life expectancy. This group now accounts for 60% of all deaths in sub-Saharan Africa....AIDS is hitting adults in their most economically productive years and removing the very people who could be responding to the crisis. As access to treatment is slowly expanded throughout the continent, millions of lives are being extended and hope is being given to people who previously had none.These “elders speculated that HIV/AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease passed on from Fulani women only to non-Fulani men who had sexual contact with them.They also claimed if a man was infected as a result of having sexual contact with a Fulani woman, only a Fulani healer could treat him”.Unfortunately though, the majority of people in need of treatment are still not receiving it, and campaigns to prevent new infections ... The earliest known cases of human HIV infection have been linked to western equatorial Africa, probably in southeast Cameroon where groups of the central common chimpanzee live. revealed that all HIV-1 strains known to infect humans, including HIV-1 groups M, N, and O, were closely related to just one of these SIVcpz lineages: that found in P. troglodytes [the central common chimpanzee]." The disease is associated with the preparation for human consumption of flesh from freshly killed chimpanzees.Current hypotheses also include that, once the virus jumped from chimpanzees or other apes to humans, the colonial medical practices of the 20th century helped HIV become established in human populations by 1930.

Almost 1 million of those patients were treated in 2012.

This communal belief is shared by many other African cultures who believe that HIV and AIDS originated from women.

Because of this belief that men can only get HIV from women many “women are not free to speak of their HIV status to their partners for fear of violence”.

One of the most formative explanations is the poverty that dramatically impacts the daily lives of Africans.

The book, Ethics and AIDS in Africa: A Challenge to Our Thinking, describes how “Poverty has accompanying side-effects, such as prostitution (i.e.

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