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We’ve faced issues like this before and try to manage them in house if we can. Ironically, there had been obvious flaws, but she overlooked them because no one’s perfect.HR and our attorneys will look at the complaint and evidence and meet with him. You’re not the first office romance, you’ll hardly be the last. He was cute and seemed thoughtful, but he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. “You might not believe this, Harry, but he had to invest a lot of time to get me to take a chance on him.Together they decided that twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week was enough to give one company. Unwind and let this fade, take some time to think about where you want to go. Try to learn to relax and enjoy life; get your strength back. She longed for the days they worked till four a.m., snarfing down cold pizza and Red Bulls to keep going, a public offering or board meeting with a critical vote in the morning. You see something you want and you just go for it.” “I wasn’t that impulsive,” she argued. ” “Here’s my biggest question — how could he get one over on everyone and be such a dud in PR? Knowing how to put a good spin on things, sell things, convince people they want what they don’t even know they want? “He should have applied as much energy to his job.” “Well — you built that little empire,” Kelly said. My little sister would usually hit the ground running!It made no sense to sit on the stock and options, so Jillian exercised or sold them and invested her money elsewhere. I’d venture to say that in a few months he’ll be out of here and there’s nothing in our settlement preventing you from coming back if you feel like it. She loved the deadlines, the crush to bring up the company profits before the quarterly report, the chilling fear-slash-excitement of the audits, the gatherings of the suits to put together the prospectus. He charmed you, too, which makes us equally stupid. I mean, I’m no Einstein but I’ve never been so naive! I didn’t think he was smart enough to do something like this! “And it didn’t turn out the way you wanted, but you made a ton of money and your money made a ton of money. In spite of Kurt’s efforts to wipe you out, your reputation is sterling; if anyone calls Harry for a recommendation, it’ll glow!She answered a summons from the president of BSS; such summons for the vice president of Corporate Communications was fairly routine. “Well, there’s a jewelry store manager who’d probably be happy to testify that Kurt was just as attentive and romantic as could be when he talked me into looking at rings after dinner one evening, but that wouldn’t be in print, would it,” she said with an unhappy laugh. Kurt was a couple of years younger, handsome, sexy and bright — she’d had no idea how bright! And keep this in mind, please — if an accusation like this was his objective, dating him probably wasn’t necessary to the equation. “Maybe an investigation will reveal that.” She had to grit her teeth to keep from crying. Their products were in the category of wealth management software, everything from customized accounting systems for businesses to budget and bill-pay software for the average home computer. And your resignation.” She lifted the folder of incriminating evidence. Never once, in ten years, have I seen any indication that you were less than professional, loyal or honest.Jillian had several face-to-face meetings with Harry Benedict weekly. She gave his door a couple of short courtesy raps before entering. You didn’t mention taking the morning off.” It took several beats for her to notice that Kurt looked briefly away and Harry was frowning darkly. “We had agreed to keep our relationship private until one of us had identified a part of the company to which we could move. You’ve been tempting me with VP of Marketing for a year now and I warned Kurt that if that came through for me, he might not be ready to take on Corporate Communications, or that you might not by ready to give it to him. ” “He also has office mates who have witnessed inappropriate touching and… A very detailed log of events.” All the women in the office loved him; he was funny and charming and oh so helpful. To orchestrate something as complex as this took planning and brainpower. Oh how she wished the denial would hang on a bit tighter, longer. He could have singled you out as his victim without your cooperation.” “But why? Some of their clients were huge and brought a lot of money and often challenge to the company; she was tough and faced each crisis with courage and ingenuity. I never had an employee put in longer hours, work harder, give me more of her personal life. If there’s some part of you that would pull something like this, I never saw it.SOMETIMES LOVE TAKES ROOT IN UNEXPECTED PLACES—IF YOU’LL ONLY LET IT GROW Colin Riordan came to Virgin River to recuperate from a horrific helicopter crash, the scars of which he bears inside and out. Then he looked at Kurt and said, “Take the rest of the day off, Kurt. According to that policy, one of us would have had to change departments. But his only experience is in PR and my department was the only place he had a good fit. In fact, if I remember, it was your idea.” She scooted to the edge of her seat. Sexual harassment is never consensual, and it’s never confused with ‘dating;’ it’s always extortion of some kind. That’s why dating within a department was a bad idea. “I thought, given time and training, Kurt might be a good successor. “Well, what a coincidence,” Harry said, passing her a folder. Have a look.” Her hands actually trembled a bit as she lifted the cover of the folder and looked at a collection of memos, emails, print-outs of text messages and miscellaneous junk. ” She would have to plow through months of old emails. Then there was a page of text exchanges and highlighted in yellow, from her phone, was, I miss you!

She’d talked to him the night before; he never mentioned a thing about not feeling well or taking some personal time. ” Harry asked with a lift of his bushy, graying eyebrow. But unless you have some compelling evidence to the contrary, we have ourselves a problem. One of the things she was most proud of was that, young as she’d been when she’d started with Harry and a brand new company, she’d never wimped out. In the newspapers, absolutely.” “Harry, I thought he cared about me. “I’d like nothing better than to stand and fight, Jill.

Stung personally and professionally by an ill-advised affair, PR guru Jillian Matlock arrived in town via golden parachute. After a grueling meeting, he emailed and asked me how I was holding up! “I’d have to check my calendar, but I think I was out of town. Errors in judgment or innocent romantic gestures that were non-threatening?

She’s bought an old Victorian with a promising garden and is looking forward to cultivating something other than a corporate brand. She couldn’t find a single thing pointing a finger at Kurt.

Rather than a resignation, I’d like you to take a leave of absence. I’m going to put someone else in the position you’d be vacating — I’m going to bring in a consultant.

Kurt will get his vested options and, unsurprisingly, he’s agreed to a confidentiality agreement.” “Unsurprisingly? “He doesn’t want his complaint against his supervisor to follow him anymore than you’d like it to follow you. And I’m not done looking into his past.” Harry lowered his voice and said, “You never told him what you’re worth, did you? “I don’t think so; it’s not something I talk about. ” “Because if you had, he’d never settle this easily.

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He’s getting a nice option package, but it’s nothing by comparison to what you’ve made in ten years.

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  1. Laat je niet verleiden tot urenlange dwaaltochten op de datingsite en besteed niet teveel tijd aan slechte matches. Soms kan je volstaan met het (regelmatig) bekijken van de profielen van je favorieten.