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Relationship Compatibility - 0 (1-2 days in advance required before appointment) To learn more about Kathleen Lamoureux and her spiritual work go to: book your appointment through Open Secret.Call 415.457.4191 I will need birth name as it appears on birth certificate and date of birth for all parties We invite all who love and study the Living Enneagram to participate in the co-creation of the Enneagram Research Center dedicated to the study and practice of the Enneagram as a tool for human understanding love and harmony.

With the synthesis of quantum physics and the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set, a new chapter of this universal language is emerging that is capable of revealing many of the secrets of the wave and particle facets of consciouness and light and the duality that is woven in the fabric of human living.

AURA-SOMA is a self-selecting vibrational modality based on luminous dual-colored bottles that work via the electromagnetic frequencies of pure color on the chakras. Numerology Readings @ Open Secret "Intelligence For Your Soul" Fridays - P. With the Numerology Coach Kathleen Lamoureux Numbers are energetic frequencies and vibrations that resonate within your soul and influence who and what you are.

When you were born, the numbers from your birth name and your date of birth contain the vibrations that become the Purpose of Your Life and your LIfe's Mission.

One of my favorite passion projects is "American Co-Housing The baby booms cultural Experiment for enhancing Quality of Life in the the Final Third and the other thirds of Human Life Experience.

Other titles include, "American Neighborhood Astronaut" Chronicles of the revolution of ordinary Space travel, "Seed Bank" The Quest for Labeling of Non-Gmo Information, "Star Power" Helping the Gifted and Famous Create Non-Profits to Share their gifts to Save the World, "The Second American Revolution" Our Generatiions"s Conversations on the Creation of A Politics Capable of Solving 21St. We wish to invite allwho wish to participate in our first fundraiser, to buy the building that Open Secret inhabits, to fulfill the goal of the Open Secret Continuity Project, by buying our building, Insuring another 25 years and beyond, of Open Secret and the Rainbow Body Cultural Center.

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I am available to chat about any of this at any time, Thanks so much, Robert Calef Founder 415-602-1584 July 4, 2017 Open Secret 28th Anniversary It has been an utter joy to share with our Marin and Northern California Family the ageless wisdom and beauty that is our spiritual Heritage Of the Family of Light.