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Consolidating back ups

"Browse Other Time Machine Disks" (works w/ holding option key while clicking Time Machine on menu bar), and I accessed the old i Mac backup.It shows the timeline since last year, but I can't browse to anything before a couple months ago, the same date that's the earliest of my MBP backup. Think of it as a useless block of data that’s just clogging up disk space. Then, have Time Machine make a new, full backup of your machine in its present state and proceed unimpeded from there (into the future).Its purpose is to help prevent data loss brought about by system crashes and hardware failures.As well as being able to back up on to a NAS, it is also possible to do so via cloud services which allows you to leverage private and public clouds.Synthetic full backups consolidate the data from the latest full backup or synthetic full backup and any subsequent incremental backups into one archive file, instead of reading and backing up data directly from the client computer.Since synthetic full backups do not back up data from the client computer, no load is imposed on the client computer.

Last year, I switched from an i Mac to a Mac Book Pro, and I restored from my Time Machine backup.It doesn't know where that data came from, but knows it should be backed up.When TM, running on "dee's Macbook Pro", needs to delete files to make room, it can only delete files backed up from "dee's Macbook Pro".You'd need to delete the i Mac TM backup because there’s no use for it and it’s taking up unnecessary space (which, by extension, will cause the MBP backups to be automatically deleted more quickly). This article will be of interest to anyone who owns a QNAP Network Attached Storage device (NAS).

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I've been using Time Machine since then, and never checked it until now.

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