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Cress williams dating

Rachel Bilson's character, Zoe Hart, is even initially taken aback that the town is "progressive" enough for a Black mayor.The show's racial objective is murky, but it obviously has one.I knew the show was a fish-out-of-water romcom, featuring yet another of the CW's requisite post-adolescent, fresh-faced predominantly white casts.Then I found out Cress "Scooter" Williams plays a principal role and decided to watch.From day one things have been piling up between Neal and Leanne.

Will they be on opposite sides on yet another issue?

In many episodes, one of the patients at the medical practice is black, especially if Williams or Davis have too little screen time.

Race has never been referenced beyond the pilot (and it wasn't directly mentioned there, either).

But the character seems like the kind of cliche who would never date a black man."The trend of treating interracial onscreen romances as matters of fact began in the '90s.

But rarely are those romances set in the most historically racist regions of the country and presented without racial context.

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After all, they can’t tell us everything – what would be the point in watching?

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