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Data dating star trek

Lieutenant Commander Data was a Soong-type android, the first and only such being to ever enter Starfleet.Data was created some time in the 2330s and was destroyed in 2379, sacrificing himself to save the crew of the USS Enterprise-E.He also questioned Data about whether his hair grew, and observed that Data was "breathing" and had a "pulse." Together, Bashir and Data investigated an alien device.The device emitted a plasma shock that overloaded Data's positronic net, activating a series of previously dormant circuits that subsequently gave Data the ability to dream.Data, newly imbued with emotions as a result of his emotion chip, cried tears of joy over Spot's survival.

In regards to the latter issue, the Soongs had to write a "modesty subroutine", because the colonists objected to an anatomically-accurate android being unclothed.

The crew of the Enterprise encountered another Soong-type android in an underground facility, named Lore.

Lore was subsequently reassembled and activated aboard the Enterprise.

(") Eventually Soong decided to program Data with the logs and journals of the colonists, while simultaneously wiping his memory of his early existence.

Unfortunately, the Crystalline Entity attacked before Data was reactivated.

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He maintained a relationship with Jenna D'Sora, but it did not last long.

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