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Generally death isn’t that quick for all of us and those who make it to the long bitter end will need some help at some time. There are many things I can’t see and I drive my wife crazy asking what she sees, thankfully she tolerates me.Don’t worry she needs a hand every now and then too.Lets turn it around for a moment and consider it from my perspective. If you’re a sighted person that needs to use me to feel better about you, then walk away and go get some counselling. However being blind I can’t participate In the mating rituals of sighted people. Carrying the white cane doesn’t help it frankly makes it really easy for people to write you off.What can I, being blind, expect from being in a relationship with a sighted person. Sighted people as anyone I suppose is afraid of sticks.

Males and females looking for a mate for genetic purposes have a very different view of the world.There has been some very scary research recently that talks about how birth control pills mess up the female process of mate selection.With the appalling rate of divorce in North America I’d suggest there may be something to this point.Have you heard the song, “Sweet Dreams” from the Eurythmics? A guide dog on the other hand is very handy in meeting people.The dog generally is very loved and some of that love for the dog will spill over to the blind person occasionally.

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That is what I’m thankful for I have someone where we help each other, and its O. But alas we are beyond the silliness of procreation.