Dating a proco rat

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The RAT has been the pedal of choice of a number of guitarists including at some stage Jeff Beck. According to Robert Keeley (who knows a thing or two about effects), the RAT 2 made after serial number 300000 (early 2008) are of inferior quality.I have not been able to compare mine to a more recent model tonewise so I will not comment first hand on that.I would like to introduce this “Timeless Classics” series about effects with a pedal that I discovered quite recently (about two years ago) after trying and owning a lot of distortion/overdrive pedals: The Proco Rat-2.The Rat 2 is the granddaughter of the RAT, released at the end of the 70s and whose 1985 reissue model has just been announced by Proco.Finally, in 1988, the RAT2 was introduced, which included an on/off LED.

The origins of the Pro Co "The RAT" can be traced back to the mid-1970s, when Pro Co engineers Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly repaired and hot-rodded existing distortion pedals, such as the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face.

By 1979, as the pedal became more popular, Pro Co began mass-producing them.

This iteration was built in a custom designed, rectangular sheet-metal enclosure, with an L shaped removable top/back section giving access to the internals.

Burnham decided he could build a superior product from the ground up, and designed "The RAT" pedal.

In 1978, "The RAT" was being built as a custom-order product.

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