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And as long as he is okay with getting serious, then great for both of you.If you meet someone that you like to be with, the two of you might want to discuss what you want out of the relationship. Young women can be flighty and flakey about what type of woman they are.There has always been the social dating arrangement of an older man dating a younger woman.But in the recent years, the opposite has become more popular (probably thanks in large to the internet). These days, if an older woman wants a baby, she can have one.Here are some insights as to why some women prefer to date younger guys. Often, a man whos older than you assumes a protective and paternal role; and to many women, this is a real turn-off. She's used to taking care of herself, speaking on her own behalf, and yes, even paying her own way without the help of Daddy Warbucks. Meanwhile, our same-age male counterparts are busy studying the inside of their eyelids. Younger guys look up to an older, successful woman. There's something to be said for having a younger guy who admires you for your accomplishments.Ten years later, some of those very same basketcases have mellowed into chill ladies who are just now ready to embrace life to the fullest. If you had to choose between a thick, juicy steak and some shriveled up beef jerky, which one would you pick?

Perhaps "young at heart" is the better term, but the point is this: some old gals really do just want to have fun.

If an older woman and a younger man feel comfortable having a relationship, then no one has the right to criticize them.

To the lady who simply likes a quick fling with a hot young stallion?

There are a lot of reasons why older woman seek the company of someone younger and it is not always physical. It can be more adventuresome than dating someone their own age or even older.

If you are an older woman interesting in dating younger men, then here is some advice for you.

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" Or is she some lonely desperado, hoping to latch on to a kinder, gentler generation of men? Not to mention, the woman who holds a high-paying exec job Monday through Friday may have some trouble playing Helpless Heather on the weekends. The hormone surge gives ladies a libido lift, which is why women in their 30s and 40s just want to get busy. but not when there's a starry-eyed cutie-pie smiling up at you!

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