Dating female cops

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Dating female cops

Even some male officers are that way to so its not a gender thing.And b4 anyone starts blasting me its my hang up......2) What if someone is taking you out to dinner for the evening, and he starts driving a tiny bit over the speed limit. 3) If you wind up dating a decent guy (responsible person, good job, good personality match for you) but once in a rare while he likes to smoke pot. Does your police training address the above issues?I don't think I could date a cop either, and it doesn't have anything to do with being in secure in the sense I believe you're suggesting.That is on top of the stresses and pressures of knowing that your partner is going to work every day with a gun on her belt.I think it has alot to do with how secure I feel about me. My mind briefy jumped to that when I read the subject line, but only because I have a kinky mind. For those that can't handle it then fine, they wouldn't have been a good match then anyway.suffice to say, the elements of the job creep a little too much into the personality and the home life, and that's when I will take a pass.Now, here I go making myself sound like an idiot-I actually just started dating a girl who thinks she wants to be a cop.

I think it takes a certain type of personality to be cool with that way of life and having a partner that lives that way.

It's similar to the same reason I typically won't date religious people.

They are just trying to adhere their lives to a standard that contains some elements I consider very trivial in the grand scheme of life. for most religious people, foul language or swearing is a big sin- well, I feel like I've got bigger things to worry about).

Nobody wants to think about the job when they're off... -damo N-OP, It sounds like the guys you're talking about are a bit insecure.

But some very practical questions come to my mind:1) If I were dating a cop I would be *extremely* curious about her job. Would it be irritating to have your date constantly interrogating you about cop stuff, and stories from your day at work?

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