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However, if you are willing to leave an unconventional, yet savvy voicemail message that inspires curiosity from your prospect than it is absolutely worth your time to leave a message. This means that your attitude has the ability to move mountains.

Here are four suggestions that you can use to increase your chances of an immediate callback:1. Ok, maybe not literally, but what I mean here is that your attitude has the power to alter your prospects state of mind.

Overall, very satisfied with the product and service! So, when I backed up my voice memo's, one was a REPLACE ALL, and one was a SKIP ALL.

When using your phone book you may use the groups feature to have incoming calls directed to other locations based on a specific group of people.

You may have rules which are only in effect for a few hours per day or for a few days per week as well as continuous rules which operate 7 days a week.

Start and End date: These dates allow you to determine the exact time and data a call treatment will be in effect for.

You no longer need to be tied down to a single location..

Finally you can choose to require dialing "1" to accept the call.

Please note that you may want to leave this option disabled if you are sending calls to a PBX with an IVR, as the call may timeout since the IVR will not be able to dial "1".

You simply set a single location for incoming calls to the specified number and incoming calls will be sent to that location at all times.

Note: DID forwarding rules have a higher priority over call treatment rules.

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