Dating in banff

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Dating in banff

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We’ve organized things by month, but some activities could be done in multiple months or multiple seasons. On these crystal clear days, the scenery is truly eye-popping.

When freezing arctic air invades the mountains, it’s too cold to be outside for long, but what a perfect time to head up the Icefield’s Parkway (#93N) from Lake Louise to the Columbia Icefield.

Hot chocolate and herbal tea are served while local wildlife researchers, historians and other interesting folks give presentations about the history and nature of Lake Louise and banff National Park. Look for animal sign and practice using a map to identify peaks.

Get a topographical map (bookstores/visitor centres), rent snowshoes & ski poles (Emerald Sports, next to the parking lot) and ask for a short orientation from the rental folks.

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Start by buying a book on Glaciers at Woodruff & Blum (in the shopping mall) and reading it over breakfast.

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