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However, out of the 3 cities, Waterloo is the most attractive IMO.... street level views of the entire region (known as "the Region of Waterloo" Page?just avoid the Northdale neighbourhood (or places where students rent) which has essentially become a university student ghetto. Open Form) This is also a great resource when looking for homes: King Street in Downtown Kitchener Thanks so much for the imput everyone, it's been very helpful. We'll take it all into consideration while looking for a place...we're not nailed down to any place in particular..wanna find a place to call home base til we find our own niche. Hi Hank, I am a real esate agent located in Cambridge, but do service this entire area. It has a university (so if you decide to rent out your place, you actually have options), there are connections to the outside world (both GO, and Via have stops).Thanks again everyone, this seems to be a nice forum with good people! I am not sure if you have moved yet, or are still planning on a move. lol But going back to the "no sense of progress", IMO it comes down to 2 things. I find Guelph is more balanced, while Cambridge is the little kid that always had "potential" but didn't do anything. ) Sorry if this seems like a rant, but moving to Cambridge is a mistake. Then again as bad as Cambridge is, it's not Brantford...If so, feel free to contact me for any advice Happy Hunting! If your car breaks (hope it doesnt) you have really no way out of the city. It's mainly a commuter city, with a NIMBY mentality, thus when anyone wants to change anything, not only is there internal fighting b/w (Galt, Preston and Hespeler) that nothing really happens, but no 1 wants change. The city still acts as if it's a small town of 20,000, when in reality it's over 120,000 , which is similar to Guelph. Really the only benefit that Cambridge has, is being close to the 401. lol If you have any questions, feel free to ask created a list of the ten wealthiest neighbourhoods/postal codes in each province of the country and afterwards put together an ultimate top-ten list of the richest neighbourhoods in the whole country.Kind regards, Heather Ryan I grew up in Cambridge (unfortunately) and have since moved to Toronto. We are looking more for a city type setting rather than a country place to live meannnning while the out in the country and being away from people may be great for some folks, we are used to being active and up until the wee hours doing things. We have chosen these places to look because they are very central to London, Toronto, Detroit, New York and many other big places only a short drive away from for our type of home businesss and lifestylesie: Shopping for vintage comic books.

She is also big into working out and becoming involved in the fitness field.

We want to be in a safer area (where we dont have to look over our shoulder all the time) and we want to be able to shop after 6pm at night if we need to. Waterloo home prices are generally more expensive and the city is dominated by the 2 universities and RIM.

We are not party people but we have a good time when we want to, we are mature, responsible adults who know what they want out of life and are working hard to get it. Kitchener's downtown feels more urban and active while having some beautiful old neighbourhoods. The only areas which you will want to avoid are the ones near the universities as they are almost exclusively populated by students.

If you have any desire to raise kids, Cambridge IS not where you want to move(will come back to this later). If you MUST be in Cambridge, then Preston or South Galt. Ok theres a mall, but all other attractions are in other cities.

The problem I always had with Cambridge (well problems) was there there was no central core, there is no sense of unity (amalgamation was in the early-mid 80s), no sense of progress, no culture/identity.

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