Dating record block planes

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Dating record block planes

Don: As far as if the plane is "worth tuning up", that kind of depends on what shape it is in and how much time you want to invest.

I have a couple e-bay planes that took a bit of effort, but I use them quite a bit.

I wouild use the 220 for rough work, but if I was doing some finish planing, I would go with a low angle.

With a well tuned hand plane and a sharp plane iron you can create a finish better than sandpaper, or cut edge joints nearly perfect.

We offer one of the largest hand plane and plane iron selections in the world, with all the products you need to care for and maintain your fine hand planes.

We stock replacement blades for Stanley, Clifton and Lie Nielsen hand planes.

Learning about the proper use and care of your hand plane collection is key to maximizing your investment and your time in the shop.

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