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John Davenport started his fine bone china production started around 1815, making him a key player in the area of antique bone china collectibles.

Before that he produced pottery and tableware in earthenware from 1793.

The fact that the brand is no longer manufactured, yet has a long history, adds value to the secondary market.

Founded 1793 Staffordshire, England by John Davenport.

Thomas Green (senior) was employed at one of the Burleigh pottery factories in 1790, but records show he officially founded his "Churchill Works" in the autumn of 1795.If you are at all interested in antique bone china you will need to keep this guide handy. This section is not a directory of pottery marks, but explains who founded the company, in what era, and what happened subsequently. The A - Z directory starts immediately below a short introduction.Bone china is a type of porcelain with added animal bone.The family sold out to Royal Doulton in the 1960’s.Look out for the figure ‘Duchess with Flowers’ produced 1954-67 - a classic failure at the time, therefore now rare and sought after; £2,000 plus (00 USD) would be the current value, not a bad investment for 5 shillings (25 cents).

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