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Posted by / 12-Apr-2015 23:47

Dating sites for the lonely

As the country has become increasingly polarized, it is harder for those involved in politics to find love.

Part of making America great in the eyes of a Trump supporter is getting rid of silly Tumblr-inspired genders.

One typical symptom of stress is increased inflammation in the body.

A study performed at Ohio State University found that lonely individuals, when stressed, actually produced more body-wide inflammation than non-lonely individuals.

It’s hard to see a MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporter going for a self-identified male pansexual feminist.

According to founder David Goss, the site has had more than 26,000 members since its launch, and membership has exploded since Trump’s election win in November.

“When I told my conservative friends about the site, they liked it.

The good news is that finding love is definitely the only path out of loneliness.

Most people who have performed this late-night ritual will say that no, it’s not the best way to handle loneliness.

Any sense of hope for connection is wiped out with one, “Hey baby, you’re sexy.” You plummet back to Earth.

For just .99 a month, you can find your conservative soulmate.

Goss told the Observer that he was motivated to create the site after noticing how his politically-minded friends had trouble finding love, particularly if their views didn’t match up with those of their date.

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Pat Benatar first performed the hit song “Love Is A Battlefield” in 1983.