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Dating system used bc

It may have been named for his father, Julius Caesar Scaliger, or perhaps it was named after the Julian calendar.

(Note the year--you've transposed the digits in your question.) The Julian Period was proposed by French-Italian astronomer and historian Joseph Justice Scaliger in 1583.

2) The Metonic or "golden number" cycle: The 19 year cycle of the lunar phases and days of the year.

3) The indiction cycle: a Roman tax cycle of 15 years declared by Constantine the Great.

Since the Christian and the secular chronologies yield identical dates (ad 2009 equals 2009 CE) why convert from one to the other?

Isn't this an example of political correctness run wild, the Chronometrie equivalent of replacing 'Merry Christmas' with 'Happy Holidays'? Consider, for example, the historical problems raised by using the AD/BC system to discuss a relatively uncontroversial fact the dating of the biblical Book of Daniel.

If we can have pagan weeks, months and seconds, why not Christian years?

Is not the CE/ BCE notation another attack, by secular culture, on Christianity? Weekdays and months are part of everyday speech and practice - attempts to change them, such as the Puritan campaign to number the days and thus avoid pagan idolatry, is an example of social engineering.

For the first five centuries of their religion, Christians marked time according to local conventions, usually from the legendary foundation of Rome (753 BC), or from the Diocletian reforms (284 AD).In that system, it is 2009 - but should one say ad 2009 or, as is increasingly common among scholars, 2009 CE - 2009 of the 'Common Era'?The Common Era retains a Christian reference point - the birth of Christ - but this may be regarded as a historical accident of globalisation.In Scaliger's time, there were no known historical events before 4713 BC, so his calendar would avoid BC/AD or negative dates.He also chose the starting point for a Julian period to be the year when three cycles converge: 1) The solar cycle: The 28 year cycle of the days of the month falling on the different days of the week in the Julian (not Gregorian) calendar.

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The AD /BC notation presupposes, then, that the Christian interpretation of the Book of Daniel is the right one.