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In the United Kingdom, the cost of domestic violence in 2009, including service-related costs, lost economic output and human and emotional costs, amounted to GBP 16 billion [3].Deep-rooted inequality in the roles, rights and opportunities of men and women, and attitudes and social norms that condone or normalize such violence, have made the problem tenacious, but not inevitable.Heard claims the pic was taken shortly after she was allegedly struck. Amber claims during the alleged attack, Johnny shattered various objects in the apartment.She says she was on the phone with a friend during the fight, and when Johnny grabbed her phone she screamed to her friend, "Call the cops!With laws to protect women and punish perpetrators, services to rebuild women’s lives and comprehensive prevention that starts early, ending violence against women and girls can become a reality.

In Viet Nam, for example, expenditure and lost earnings resulting from domestic violence was estimated at 1.4 per cent of GDP in 2010 [2].

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, 2014, available at Kathryn Anderson Clarke; Andrea Biddle and Sandra Martin, 2002.

and the judge issued a restraining order requiring Johnny to stay 100 yards away from her.

Sources connected to Johnny are calling BS, saying Amber "is an affront to real victims of domestic violence." The judge also gave Amber the right to live in the family home, but rejected a request to protect at least one of their dogs from Johnny.

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Cops gave Amber this business card and told her to call if she wants to press charges.

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