Dating women in prison uk best friends dating and breaking up

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Adult offenders are persons aged 21 or over, Young Offenders are persons aged between 18-20, and Youth/Juvenile Offenders are persons aged between 10-17.

However, some offenders aged between 15-17 are placed in Young Offender Institutions in certain cases, due to capacity, risk and other factors.

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Women in Prison was born out of the anger our founder – Chris Tchaikovsky – felt about what she saw when imprisoned in HMP Holloway.The following table lists all prisons and Young Offender Institutions in use in England and Wales as of the 2010s.All house adult males, and are operated by Her Majesty's Prison Service unless noted otherwise.We support women to avoid, survive and exit the criminal justice system and campaign for the radical changes needed to deliver justice for women.Public Sector prisons in England and Wales are managed by Her Majesty's Prison Service (HMPS), which is part of the National Offender Management Service, an executive agency of the United Kingdom government.

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In addition, since the 1990s the day-to-day running of a number of previously existing prisons, as well as several new facilities, has been "contracted out" to private companies, such as Serco and G4S.