Eve dating african dictator

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Eve dating african dictator

What if Obiang is found guilty of the crimes he is accused of and part of the money he allegedly squandered is traced to our country?

”The was not able to contact Obiang junior in Swaziland this week.* Got a tip-off for us about this story?

Swazi democracy activist Mandla Hlatshwayo, who lives in exile in South Africa, said: “Sources indicate that oil production in Guinea is fully committed to long-term contracts with international trading groups.

It remains to be seen how the Swazi offer will be made up.”An indication of the sensitivity around Obiang junior’s visit to Swaziland was a public apology by , which Mswati owns through Tibiyo Taka Ngwane, after it published a wire report about Obiang’s criminal charges in France.

“I need somebody in my life that’s going to challenge me.

Obiang is the son of Equatorial Guinea President Teodore Obiang Nguema, one of Africa’s longest-ruling dictators.

According to , Transparency alleges that Obiang owned vehicles worth more than €4-million in France.

Together, the three leaders are alleged to have accumulated French assets worth €160-million (about 0-million).

also reported that 11 of the Obiang family’s luxury cars were seized in Paris in September last year as part of the criminal investigation.

In February, the police searched an Obiang residence in an upmarket Paris district, removing vanloads of possessions.

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Royal spokesperson Percy Simelane said the government did not “give credence and legitimacy to untruths peddled by rumour-mongers hellbent to ridicule the monarch”.