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Posted by / 26-Oct-2016 19:29

The three correspondent pieces tonight were all recurring bits—and all crashed hard.

It’s tough to say that Leslie Jones’ appearance suffered from repetition, as most recurring bits do.

Our reporter at the scene said he heard a loud blast coming from inside the home about an hour later. Pictures from our news helicopter showed SWAT officers taking their positions in the doorway of the home.

A K-9 was close by ready to be deployed, if needed. I came out and looked down the street and they had the house surrounded." She described the man, woman and children who live there as friendly and nice.

(I have a sinking feeling the phrase “hog clog” was supposed to bring the house down.) It had me wondering how much Lorne spent on getting a working water slide in the studio.

The water slide sketch started out well enough, looking as if it was going to let the ever-underused Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett create the sort of awkward teen characters they can do so well, only to wheeze out to the second laziest ending of the night.

According to PCSO spokesman Mark Clark, Mesa police asked PCSO to check the welfare of a woman who texted her son that her 49-year-old boyfriend was threatening her. Deputies pulled up to the Florence home and found a vehicle stolen in Gilbert in the driveway.

It was believed to have been driven by suspect, PCSO said.

Best/Worst sketch of the night There were two sketches that might have passed for decent lesser material on a good episode, but calling them the best sketches tonight should illuminate what a bummer this episode was.

The Pictionary-style game show sketch, with both Bobby Moynihan’s husband and Kenan’s celebrity contestant Reginald Vel Johnson freezing up at the thought of having to draw “the prophet Muhammad” had the tiniest bite to it (especially considering the recent shooting at a Texas “draw Muhammad” art show/deliberate, racist provocation). The cold open took mild potshots at the Republican presidential candidates, but looked for most of its laughs from cast members doing funny dances.

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I mean, it’s Leslie—her appearances as herself (or this exaggerated, Jost-lusting version thereof) rise and fall on the strength of her writing and performance. Kenan’s irrepressibly (and misguidedly) optimistic Willie reached his apotheosis in the Dwayne Johnson episode earlier this year, but here his reminiscences of graduation fizzle.