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His comments and I quote "." The dynamic of TLL is rather different to other sites.

If we go back several years, the quality of women you met online, back in the heyday of ICQ, was, quite frankly, a whole lot higher.

I mentioned to her that she should consider signing up for TLL and she made it known that she was already a member!

Talking with foreign guys using the site, their modus operandi is eerily similar.

The women you met online back then spoke decent English which was invariably better than your Thai and she was probably reasonably well-educated, quite possibly from abroad.

That's when the online game in Thailand was at its peak – if you consider finding someone as a suitable partner as the measure.

In each of the discussion threads respondents quickly came on and showed enough knowledge of the site that they had clearly been using it themselves, yet they shot it down in flames, not wanting to share the spoils with others.Our records show that May Thai is currently I'm gonna call it.She is absolutely the HOTTEST Asian girl in the Biz right now. If a date cannot be arranged then she is ditched unceremoniously and effort is put into the next in the queue.Those girls who are deemed unsuitable or are just too difficult are not just deleted, but blocked.

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Nur Premium-Mitglieder können die Webcams der anderen Nutzer sehen.

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