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Gaia soulmates dating

The Symbol is for instance, carrying the power for downloading and integration of the Grail Codes.

It will propel you forward and upward (formed as a propeller) into the pure white light from inside out.

There is still lots of karma to release and learn from.And that is the Key, here represented as the Infinity Master Creative Symbol. You simply realize yourself and you have taken one more step towards the completion of your self-mastery. When you have experienced and understood it all you are fully enlightened. Each time you do this you get a name engraved on our cup, a Key Code which is attained by integration.More knowledge has then been combined with experience, understood, and integrated, and you have attained more wisdom.: Balancing the 5 Elements represented in the arches of Earth (below), Fire (right), Air (above), Water (left), and Ether (in the center).Alpha – Omega – One-Heart Chakra System connected to the Alpha Chakra (above) and the Omega Chakra (below) and held together in unity in the heart.

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You activate the Alpha – Omega – One-Heart Chakra System once again.

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