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But his agents told him not to take the role, concerned, in part, that a job requiring a man-on-man...When actor Darryl Stephens received a call in 2003 that he was cast in a straight-to-DVD series about black gay men, he thought it was his big break, that his four years at UC Berkeley had paid off. Being a single dude I just have to contend with my now infamous POF profile. It would be interesting to know if my profile get’s more hits than the next guy. If I had put as much time into blogging as I did that site I’d probably be on the A-List for bloggers.

all these hurdles."Though still a small minority, LGBT men and women of color have become more visible on TV and with more nuanced story lines than ever before.

Last year "Empire" broke ground by featuring a black gay character for its drama that takes place in the world of hip hop.

But unscripted programming has been slow to evolve.

Historically, reality series have relegated gay men to the sidekick/best-friend role; characters who orbit around straight counterparts.

Black gay men have been further sidelined, limited to stereotypical roles such as stylists or personal assistants.

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One docuseries, "Tha Life Atlanta," bucked the trend by showing myriad black gay men living and loving, but it was only seen online after multiple networks passed on it.