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Instead of just rotating the men or women, we needed to create a schedule where people generally met with the gender(s) they were interested in.This is a very hard problem to solve, and cannot be done by just sitting down with a pencil and paper.My partner Jen and her boyfriend have been logistical support, registering people, doing the data entry, setting up and taking down, and so on. None of us has any prior experience holding speed dating events.The basic premise of speed dating is that many people can gauge their level of attraction to someone within the first couple minutes of meeting them.Two people sit down at a table, chat for a couple minutes, and then get up and move on to the next date.Between dates, each person writes down whether or not they are interested in pursuing things further with the other person.Our first event attracted fifty people to a pizzeria in Berkeley.

The organization is easy: you just have one gender stay seated after each date, and the other group gets up and moves to the next table.Luke wrote a computer program to do it, using a search algorithm to find solutions that generally gave people as many dates as possible.Since we already had a computer matching program in the works, we could also put in criteria other than gender attraction.Which meant we needed to get people’s gender and attractions, and match them based on those.But of course, this makes the problem of setting up dates very difficult.

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We included age, since many people have determined that they date best in certain age ranges, or that they tend to be attracted to people in certain age ranges.