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To make interracial dating easier, has released some dating tips that interracial couples can use. Interracial dating can be challenging if the couple does not believe in the relationship or have confidence in it.

The couple should build their relationship on love and should not focus on what other people are saying. Some people may stare or judge when they see a white guy dating a black woman. For a strong and lasting relationship, one should know the person he/she is going out with.

When you first met her you were captivated by her culture and ethnicity. After a while the ‘newness’ of the relationship wore off and you were beginning to question her habits and attitudes.

She struck you as mysterious and exciting at the same time! You were discovering new things about Korean culture and language. After all, some of them are so different than from your own culture!

It’s important that you be proactive with communicating to her your issues and listen to her.I also recommend being proactive with learning the language and the culture in order to help you understand her better.In fact if you want to strengthen the relationship I recommend asking her to teach you! She agreed to it but at the last minute cancels on you. She suddenly had a company dinner and had to go to it.Korean women take a more passive role and expect you to be the man and do the work.Either that or they’ll drift away and disappear without a word.

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