Intimidating acronyms

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Baker also called his wife a "whore", Senior Constable Wells said.

He said Baker's actions caused him to fear for his safety."I was scared he was going to punch me," Senior Constable Wells told the court.

All this hardware you learn to use with either I2C protocol or SPI!

However, Baker took the stand in his own defence case, denying that he ever swore at Senior Constable Wells.

In 2014 he ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought these shields to fruition.

After successfully fulfilling all his Kickstarter backers (and on time!

He does a great job at demystifying electronics concepts that on the outside seem extremely complex, but dissected piece by piece can be made elementary.

I would say my favorite part about the tutorials is the depth and detail they cover.

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He admitted there had been a conversation between he and Senior Constable Wells, however he told the court he had only called "corrupt" pertaining to their previous interactions.