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Jim Carrey and Jenny Mc Carthy's breakup last week after five years of dating surprised many, especially because the two were so involved in the lives of each other's kids, but the cause might not be so surprising. Jim opened up to CNN in 2008 about his years-long struggles with depression, and said that while he had taken Prozac to treat his depression in the past, he didn't believe in taking the drug long-term.

"It was such an emotional roller coaster for her," an unnamed source told the magazine. He would hide out in a hotel or one of his homes, not answering her calls." Depression in Context: Strategies for Guided Action Which can't be good for a relationship.

Some think Jenny is advocating against vaccines, although she claims she’s just trying to hold vaccine makers accountable and to ensure that vaccines are safe for children.

Anyway, if that trust story is accurate, Jenny’s son Evan will have a ton of money for his future while Jenny will have the means to further a cause that’s personal for her, and which Carrey supports.

"But I believe if you're on them for an extended period of time, you never get to the problem.

You never get to see what the problem is because everything's just kind of OK." Did Jim Carrey And Jenny Mc Carthy Get Married?

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"I've tried to ask (Jim) numerous times (to see Evan), because my son still asks," Mc Carthy told Howard Stern on his radio show Monday, adding that Evan told her he missed Carrey "almost weekly." "I haven't (reached out directly)," she said of trying to get ahold of her ex.

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