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Kurdish dating iraq

Unsurprisingly, more than 99 percent of the twenty-six thousand who voted refused to accept Kosovo.In these instances, the referendums took place against the central government’s wishes.Ibrahim al-Marashi, a California-based history professor, wrote at , “Not only does a call for independence appeal to Kurdish constituents, it serves as a tool to empower the KRG vis-a-vis the central government in Baghdad.” Some have suggested that the referendum is merely cover for the Kurdistan Democratic Party to renew its electoral mandate.Elections scheduled for 20 have been postponed to 2017, an issue that ruffles feathers among the smaller parties in Kurdistan.It had to control its own economy and develop its own oil resources.Its budget was cut from Baghdad as well due to the war, and the KRG was plunged into financial crises, having to support two hundred thousand Kurdish peshmerga fighters on the frontline against ISIS.

While 112 countries recognize Kosovo, it is notable that many do not, despite the support it has received from the U. Countries that try to go it alone, such as Somaliland, do not face a bright future.

98 percent of those casting ballots said yes to independence.

In 2014, Barzani told the BBC he wanted to hold a referendum.

In early February the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, called for a referendum on Kurdish independence.

“The time has come and the conditions are now suitable for the people to make a decision through a referendum on their future,” wrote Masoud Barzani.

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Neither did foreign governments express opposition to the concept of Scottish independence, or Quebecois independence, for instance.