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Lesbian guide to dating

If you’re on a first date or starting a new relationship, Clarke offers out-of-the-box plans for first dates.

Things like taking a hot air balloon, having dinner in a castle, or walking under the stars on moonlight night will surely set a very good first impression.

For those in monogamous relationships, she doesn’t forget about you.

Going ice skating or skiing can be a lot of fun and an ideal way to celebrate the winter season. Do things together that encourage you to learn about your relationship as well as celebrating the season together. It can be hard to exchange a "big" holiday gift with someone you've been dating a few weeks.

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The holidays are a time of heightened emotion, so go slowly.

It would be nice to have a steady lover during the holidays.

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You cannot magically turn someone you have been dating for two weeks into someone you've been dating for three years. Do not force the relationship to become something that it is not meant to be because you are lonely during the holiday season.

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