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There must be sustained efforts by the State (such as continuous training of law enforcement personnel and judicial officers, sensitizing the media, educating the public) to challenge the stereotypical attitudes dominant in Grenada which help to perpetuate violence against women and girls.Duty to comply with the Constitution as the supreme law The Constitution of Grenada (1973) is the supreme law.However, the penalty for rape of a spouse is a maximum of fourteen (14) years.Sexual Assault The new offence of sexual assault was created.It guards the human rights of all persons within the country and holds the State accountable for violation of human rights.Gender-based violence threatens women’s right to life and to security of the person.

This Act builds on the pre-existing legislative framework and has improved the systemic response to domestic violence.There are stringent penalties for offences against children, especially where the child is under thirteen (13) years of age.Sex with a child under the age of thirteen in Grenada is punishable by up to thirty (30) years imprisonment.Some acts of violence which cause physical injury amount to a criminal offence (for example assault, causing harm; wounding) and may be prosecuted under the Criminal Code The domestic violence legislation provides protection from physical and sexual violence, but it is not meant to exclude the criminal laws or replace criminal proceedings.Rather, it is to expand the range of options which are available to victims of domestic violence.

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