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Love sex vedeo chat hamiltn ontario

Alex and Donna Francis reflect on lake water, wind and earth. 2007/01/29 - EPISODE 44 Weird ways the world wobbles.

2007/02/26 - EPISODE 48 The Red Shift Report goes 4-D to talk about space-time. Is it possible for light to bend so much that it travels back toward its origin? Are we standing on a giant cosmic ball of tapioca!?

2007/11/07 - EPISODE 68 How do the dimples on a golf ball help it fly further? In 1957, Russian satellite Sputnik became the first to achieve orbit, inspiring the high-tech satellites of today. 2007/10/11 - EPISODE 64 What's behind the light in a shooting star?

When it comes to complex aerodynamics, golf balls may be on par with airplanes and cars. 2007/11/01 - EPISODE 67 How many dimensions are there? Walter Stoddard takes Alex through some of the extra dimensions that are being studied by some of today's top theoretical physicists. Is it all friction, or is there something more going on when a shooting star lights up the night sky? 2007/09/12 - EPISODE 61 How do astronauts stay in shape in outer space?

2007/04/16 - EPISODE 53 Can music make you smarter?

Should you bang your head to Metallica or Mozart to boost your IQ?

It was this feeling almost like butterflies fluttering inside your body, and I just knew that it was what made me happy--that spirit. There were more steel factories per capita than I think in all of North America.

Chocolate may give humans a bigger buzz than kissing, but for dogs the experience can be bittersweet. 2007/06/11 - EPISODE 57 Where are all the baby animals?

Don't go squirrelly if you're having trouble spotting nature's newborns.

Astronomer Sara Poirier explains why shooting stars have such colourful tails. If you're unlucky enough to get swallowed by Moby Dick, can you save yourself on the way down by grabbing onto his uvula? Alex chats with Devon Hamilton about what astronauts do to keep their bodies fit and how they counter the effects of micro-gravity.

2007/07/24 - EPISODE 60 What is the Higgs Boson and does it exist?

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