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From masturbation depleting an imagined, finite reservoir of sexual capacity to birth control pills causing infertility, Atallah has confronted a variety of sexual myths.

She sees a high number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), many of them the result of the erroneous assumption that familiars couldn’t possibly be carriers.

Instead, it found women in New York City hit their sexual summit — in other words, having their “best” sex — at the age of 26. So instead, Lovehoney asked its customers about “best sex” and “most sex.” Frequency of sex peaked for women at age 24 and for men at 27 — not that it even matters.But 46% of people do — good news for current lovers.“There is a definite peak for frequency of sex, but quality of sex tends to be perceived as best in the present,” said Lovehoney co-owner Neal Slateford.A seemingly benign question, it alienates scores of women for whom marriage is not necessarily a prerequisite for engaging in sexual activity — creating an uncomfortable clinical environment in which patients might feel incapable of being forthright with their doctors about their needs and concerns.For not even the Lebanese medical community is free of the stigma shrouding the public discussion of sex in the country.

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“If you are looking for great sex, then ages 35-45 would be the best time” (assuming one has started to grow up by the age of 35, which is no certainty in New York City).

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